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By phone at: 030-77992266
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Dosing table

1 Liter2,5 ml5 ml7,5 ml10 ml15 ml20 ml30 ml40 ml50 ml
2 Liters5,0 ml10 ml15,0 ml20 ml30 ml40 ml60 ml80 ml100 ml
3 Liters7,5 ml15 ml22,5 ml30 ml45 ml60 ml90 ml120 ml150 ml
4 Liters10,0 ml20 ml30,0 ml40 ml60 ml80 ml120 ml160 ml200 ml
5 Liters12,5 ml25 ml37,5 ml50 ml75 ml100 ml150 ml200 ml250 ml
6 Liters15,0 ml30 ml45,0 ml60 ml90 ml120 ml180 ml240 ml300 ml
7 Liters17,5 ml35 ml52,5 ml70 ml105 ml140 ml210 ml280 ml350 ml
8 Liters20,0 ml40 ml60,0 ml80 ml120 ml160 ml240 ml320 ml400 ml
9 Liters22,5 ml45 ml67,5 ml90 ml135 ml180 ml270 ml360 ml450 ml
10 Liters25,0 ml50 ml75,0 ml100 ml150 ml200 ml300 ml400 ml500 ml
15 Liters37,5 ml75 ml112,5 ml150 ml225 ml300 ml450 ml600 ml750 ml
20 Liters50,0 ml100 ml150,5 ml200 ml300 ml400 ml600 ml800 ml1,0 l
25 Liters62,5 ml125 ml187,5 ml250 ml375 ml500 ml750 ml1,0 l1,25 l
30 Liters75,0 ml150 ml225,0 ml300 ml450 ml600 ml900 ml1,2 l1,5 l
40 Liters100,0 ml200 ml300,0 ml400 ml600 ml800 ml1,2 l1,6 l2,0 l
50 Liters125,0 ml250 ml375,0 ml500 ml750 ml1,0 l1,5 l2,0 l2,5 l

Always fill in the water (about room temperature) and then add the disinfectant! The amount of water is calculated when the amount of the disinfectant is subtracted from the desired quantity of dilution. Always use gloves.